We challenge you to cleanse your wardrobe

Posted on February 03, 2015 by sam jennings

 We challenge you to cleanse your wardrobe.

Nothing beats a wardrobe cleanse, we say make the time to do it this season. Free up space, ditch the unloved fashion items, say good-bye to old worn out garments, ditch the old faded out bra’s, saggy tights, lonely socks and don’t forget the shoe/boots section. Dresses that just don’t flatter, we say no thanks, not in my wardrobe. JZD advice, not worn in last 2 years then your probably never going to wear it again, it’s time to take control of what’s in your draws. Ditch the clothes that just don’t fit, or have gigantic stains, don’t keep them clogging up your wardrobe!


Divide up the unwanted clothes into two sections, worn out clothes get bundled up and recycled, good quality and clean clothes donate to charity. If you have any unwanted designer clothes please try and give them to an upmarket charity shop such as Mary Porters Living & Giving, the funds go to Save the Children, so your giving your unwanted clothes to a really good cause.


Spend time folding and organising your keepers, buy some nice hangers to organise your new wardrobe, mismatched hangers are so messy! Organise your wardrobe into everyday casual or work-wear depending on your life style. Everyday clothes are best kept together, evening and going out garments separately, if you have space. Heavy coats are best boxed up over the summer.


Tips on a tidy wardrobe: draw dividers are useful to keep your bras, knickers, socks and tights apart. A well-placed shoe rack can give you more room for your shoes, keeping your pairs together. Box up your winter styles when the weather gets warmer, making space for your summer wardrobe, switching over is a great time to ditch the unworn clothes.


Small boxes are great for organising delicate jewellery or follow our in store idea and convert an old wooden frame with screw hocks and hang your necklaces.


1- Make a date to cleans your wardrobe

2- Follow our advice to ditch the old clothes

3- Love and organise your keepers

4- Enjoy making a list to fill the gaps to replenish your wardrobe

5- Next only buy what you love, make your wardrobe work for you

6- Congratulate your self on a job well done!


Make time to clean up your wardrobe, it will help make you a much better shopper as you know what you need to complete an outfit. It makes buying that new top or jeans more fun.


Love your style




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